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Can you hear us now?

Over the next few weeks you'll start seeing orange ribbons on trees. Cibolo staff and Council have said they believe the "Silent Majority" supports the toll road even though many more citizens in opposition of the toll road show up to speak at meetings and public hearings. The ribbons will be a visible sign of our toll road opposition. If you would like a ribbon or to assist with distributing ribbons please contact us.

Yard signs are also available and will be distributed the first week of July. These will be free, but a $7 donation to cover costs would be much appreciated. Please contact us to claim a sign.

#notollroad #orangeribbon #silentopposition #canyouhearusnow

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Can you hear us now? 

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Yard Signs will be available soon. Signs are free but donations to cover the cost are appreciated ($4 each). 

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