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Texas Turnpike, Public Werks, Cibolo Turnpike - WHO ARE YOU?!?

Public Werks/Texas Turnpike seems to have an identity crisis. Try to Google search them or look them up on official State of Texas sites, federal sites, or even CorporationWiki and you will find dozens of subsidiaries created to protect assets. Google their addresses and you will find even more businesses with the same address, down to the same suite number. Many of these businesses don't seem to relate to each other (Dairy Holdings? Infotech Werks? Rockaway Fish Management?).

Basically, for every project they think of they create 1-3 companies. If those go bad their "original" company's reputation is protected, and most of all their money is protected. Here is a list of companies tied to John Crew, Texas Turnpike Corporation, and/or Public Werks. (There are more - the same people show up as "managers" and "directors" on these companies but have their own companies as well).

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