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TTC/Cibolo Parkway Open Records Requests Update

Per the Development Agreement, Section 4.2(a), TTC must follow the Texas Local Gov. Code Chapter 212 Subchapter C.

Section 212.074 of this document states that “All of the developer’s books and other records related to the project shall be available for inspection by the municipality.” On January 30, 2018 I attempted to request documents and get answers from Mr. Crew during the Town Hall meeting and Mr. Crew directed me to speak to their attorney. I attempted to speak to the attorney and even left my list of questions with their PR person who assured me I would be emailed a response. I never got one.

I attempted to submit 40 Open Records Requests to Texas Turnpike Corporation/Cibolo Turnpike directly to Mr. Crew and Mr. Young after the Special Meeting. Mr. Crew refused to accept them and told me to speak to the city attorney. I submitted the records requests to Clay Binford, Cibolo's attorney for the project. He said he would give them to the city secretary after I explained they are contractually obligated to accept and respond to ORR. The city secretary forwarded them to TTC June 12, 2018.

Fast forward nearly 3 months - I finally received notice that some documents had been sent to the City for me on August 30, 2018. I picked them up today. This link will take you to a spreadsheet that explains what was requested, if a response was received, and what the response shows.


Fast Facts:

-ONE records request out of 40 was fully received. -FOUR records requests were partially received -35 (87.5%) were NOT ANSWERED at all -Nearly all of the documents provided came from their contractor, Huitt-Zollers



These are the documents that were sent. Most refer to only one of the 40 records requests.

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