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Proposed Route

(From City Council Workshop 7/15/2017)

An updated "Draft" route was provided at the City Council Workshop on July 15th. The map, shown below, has two routes. The green route is the original route and the blue is the new proposed route.

The map, provided by Texas Turnpike's contracted engineer, is an 8 year old aerial map of Cibolo and doesn't reflect current buildings and plats for the area affected by the toll road. We used the GIS Mapping available on the City of Cibolo website to print a current map of the area showin in the TTC map. We then drew the "new" route and marked all of the homes affected with red dots. 

General Route Information 

(From Door Hangers and City Newsletter, June 2017)

On February 28, the city of Cibolo approved a development agreement with Texas Turnpike Corporation/Public Werks (John Crew) to construct a road that will connect IH35 to I10. The project consists of two parts - the "Cibolo Expressway" and "Cibolo Parkway." Cibolo Expressway is on the existing portion of FM1103 and runs from  Weiderstein Rd. to approximately Wagon Wheel Dr. Cibolo Parkway would begin approximately at Wagon Wheel Rd and connect to I-10. This would be a newly constructed road. 

The above map was distributed by TTC and Cibolo and shows that only the "Parkway" portion is tolled. However, according to the signed development agreement the "Expressway" will be tolled in certain circumstances. 

More Coming Soon

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